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Clinical Standards

For non-surgical cosmetic treatment, your care will always be our first priority.

We are proud of our highly effective and safe anti-wrinkle procedures and treatments. We only use the highest grade muscle relaxants and injections with dermal filler (hyaluronic acid).

Our Practitioner is a highly qualified and experienced specialising in the field of cosmetic treatment - and constantly improving.

We provide a range of aesthetic treatments underpinned by rigorous training coupled to current medical certifications issued by 

fully regulated UK institutions.

In order to achieve the best possible outcomes, only  competent and professional advice is offered during consultations.

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FaceHarmoni only uses branded and high-quality products from renowned manufacturers and frequently performs treatments to maintain high standards of care regardless of price - never compromised.

We aim to offer future workshops to assist people interested in undertaking further or regular training to stay up to date with the latest innovative procedures.

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