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Filled your POUT yet Girls?

Updated: Jul 7

Lets work out whether these 8 celebrities have had lip-boosting fillers

Celebrities showed of their enviable pouts during a National Television Awards event - but were they born with it,  or did they get some help?

Jesy Nelson

Little Mix star Jesy has perfected her smouldering pout, but has it been boosted cosmetically?

OUR EXPERT SAYS: “Her lip line border looks like it has been enhanced along with adding filler in her top lip and a high cheek filler placement.

"Jesy appears to have chosen a more sculpted look as opposed to a natural one.”

Emily Blunt, 34

Emily's lip volume has grown along with her career

OUR EXPERT SAYS: “Volume looks to have been created around the border of her lips as well as in the top and bottom lips using filler.

"This would enhance her smile and facial features.” Fearne Cotton, 36

Fearne's smile has got fuller over the years

OUR EXPERT SAYS: “The presenter appears to have had subtle lip filler around the outline to shape the top lip with slight volume giving an overall fuller lip.

"It complements her bottom lip, which I think is naturally full.”

Keira Knightley, 32

OUR EXPERT SAYS: “Keira appears to have had fillers on her lip line border and some filler in her top lip.

"Sometimes a simple adjustment of one lip or the cupid’s bow will create a powerful cosmetic change.”

Tess Daly, 48

OUR EXPERT SAYS “It looks as if Tess has had fillers in her lips, cheeks and jawline.

"The attention to volume on Tess’s top lip works wonderfully for the shape of her face.

"Jawline filler gives balance and symmetry to the upper face.”

Ellie Goulding, 31

Ellie's lip transformation is far from subtle

OUR EXPERT SAYS: “She seems to have had filler in her lips, cheeks, nasolabial folds (lines running from the corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth) and marionette lines (lines from the corners of the mouth to the chin).”

Frankie Bridge, 29

Frankie had a much thinner top lip before resorting to lip fillers

OUR EXPERT SAYS: “Singer Frankie seems to have had lip filler in her top lip, making it fuller.

She also may have had a slight enhancement in her bottom lip and in her cheeks but, if so, it’s very subtle.”

Michelle Keegan, 30

The Our Girl actress has gone for a more natural looking enhancement

OUR EXPERT SAYS: “Michelle appears to have had filler in her top lip to enhance her natural cupid bow.

"She may have combined it with fillers in her chin and jawline to give the appearance of fuller, more balanced lips.”

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