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  • Dive into the world of fuller, beautifully sculpted eyebrows with our expert microblading service.

  • We use precision strokes to create a natural-looking fullness and definition that frames your face perfectly.

  • Discover the secret to effortlessly vibrant lips. Our lip blushing technique delicately enhances your lips' natural hue, offering a lasting blush of color.

  • Say goodbye to constant lipstick applications and hello to lusciously tinted lips.

  • Achieve that perfectly defined eye look every day, without the hassle of eyeliner pencils or liquid liners.

  • Our eyeliner tattooing enhances the lash line for a natural or dramatic effect, making your eyes pop and lashes appear thicker.

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Enjoy Your Freedom!



Enhance your natural beauty and streamline your daily beauty routine.

  • Brows are as individual as fingerprints and so each step of the treatment is completely bespoke from the personal consultation, shape design, tailoring and aftercare process.
    Why is threading so amazing? 

  • A long piece of thread is simply twisted to glide along the bottom of your brow and catch the excess brow hairs as it does so. It takes every hair out by the root, it is precise as you can guide the thread to exactly where it needs to go, you can draw the perfect line with the thread as you remove hair so that it leaves a smooth finish.

  • Bespoke eyebrow care - Price includes a touch up session after 6 week ...

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    3 hr

    350 British pounds
  • Enhance your lip colour - Price includes a touch up session after 6 we...

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    4 hr

    500 British pounds
  • Semi-Permanent Makeup (2 step procedure. 6 weeks apart)

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    3 hr

    450 British pounds
  • price includes 2 step procedure, 6 week interval, touch up.

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    3 hr

    400 British pounds
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