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Frown Lines - Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Relax sub derma skins muscles - 3 face areas for £240!

Service Description

Frown lines are vertical lines between your eyebrows and nose. As we get older frown lines may become deeper and stay visible even when not frowning, making the face look stern or angry. A quick and effective method to get rid of these unwanted lines and reduce the appearance of wrinkles is the injection of muscle relaxant into the affected area. BENEFITS • Effectively reduce & smoothen deep lines • Prevent the formation of new lines • Younger and fresher appearance Reducing deep frown lines in the skin with muscle relaxants is a very low-risk option to prevent wrinkles from forming and to smooth existing wrinkles and achieve a younger and friendlier appearance. This works to paralyze the area and preventing it from contracting. By stopping contraction, the skin is allowed to relax and smoothen out.

  • 30 min
  • 150 British pounds

Cancellation Policy

Please provide 2 days notice when cancelling or rescheduling. Consultation fees are non-refundable.

Contact Details

  • 260 Pentonville Road, London N1 9JY, UK

    07568 369140‬

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