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Jawline Fillers

For a contoured face

Service Description

BENEFITS Defined or volumised facial contours Correcting facial asymmetry and ratio Immediate results with no downtime A treatment with jaw fillers is a very low-risk option for defining the jawline contour. During the minimal-invasive treatment, high-quality hyaluronic acid is injected precisely between the jawbone and the epidermis. The needle used for this procedure is very fine, which allows a very low-pain injection of the hyaluronic acid into the jaw area. Possible dents are padded and a more defined profile can be created. Once the dermal filler has been injected, the doctor may massage the area to make sure that the filler is sitting in the right position and is evenly distributed. You will then be given aftercare instructions to achieve the best results possible. The dermal fillers used for the jawline treatment is a relatively firm hyaluronic acid which increases the jaw definition immediately. This cosmetic treatment is very popular with men and women and often combined with a chin augmentation. Aftercare of a jaw filler treatment After the jawline filler treatment, slight swelling or small bruises may occur. However, these usually fade after a few days. It is recommended to avoid excess sun exposure, solariums and saunas for one week after the treatment. Results of your jaw filler treatment will show immediately and will typically last up to 6 months. After this period the hyaluronic acid will dissolve naturally.

  • 45 min
  • From 195 British pounds

Cancellation Policy

Please provide 24hrs notice when cancelling or rescheduling. Consultation fees are non-refundable.

Contact Details

  • Pentonville Road

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