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Forehead - Anti-Wrinkle Treatment


30 minutes


Forehead wrinkles are one of the most popular areas for wrinkle treatments.

Permanent wrinkles on the forehead are formed after the repeated movement of the face over time and as a natural result of skin ageing.

An effective way to get rid of age-related fine lines is an anti-wrinkle treatment.

All our wrinkle procedures are performed using high-quality products.


  • Smoothen skin and reduce fine lines on the forehead

  • Prevent the formation of new wrinkles

  • Younger-looking appearance

About Forehead anti-wrinkle treatment

Forehead Wrinkles are a common side effect of ageing. These wrinkles on the skin are caused by the repeated natural movements of our face. Whether it is a frown or we are shocked, our facial expressions cause our skin to move and crease.

Over time, deep lines begin to permanently form on the skin. Unfortunately, skin care can only do so much in counteracting the signs of ageing, which is why aesthetic treatments can be important in maintaining a fresh appearance.

  • The amount of product injected into the muscle in the forehead (frontalis) is divided into smaller injections to paralyse the facial muscles evenly. As a result, the forehead can no longer contract and the skin stays smooth and deep wrinkles even out, leaving your skin wrinkle-free.

  • Forehead wrinkles are often treated along with frown lines (lines between the eyebrows) and crow’s feet (lines on the outside of our eyes) for an overall anti-ageing effect.

  • Forehead wrinkle injections can also be a form of preventative skin care, as the reduced contraction of the skin prevents new wrinkles from forming.

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