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Lip Fillers


1 hr



  • Adds volume and definition in the lip area

  • Enhances the natural shape and plumpness

  • Reduces smoker’s lines & wrinkles around the mouth

  • See immediate results

Lip Filler Treatment

A treatment with lip fillers is a very low-risk and non-invasive option for increasing lip volume or emphasizing the lip contour.

The procedure takes about 20 minutes and the effects can last 6-8 months, after this period, the product will dissolve into the body.

Our high-quality dermal filler product contains a local anaesthetic – lidocaine that works after the first injection and numbs the lips for a more comfortable experience. In addition, clients can also choose to use a numbing cream for a pain-free experience before the treatment begins.

Even a small amount of lip filler can achieve effective improvements and lead to beautiful results. With every lip injection, it is of fundamental importance that the doctor always doses the injected hyaluronic acid very precisely in order to achieve a harmonious mouth.

The injected hyaluronic acid can also help to create the desired lip shape.

By applying the correct injection technique and modelling, our skilled doctors are able to correct asymmetrical lip shapes, straighten crooked lips safely and gently, and restore or refine a blurred or elapsed lip contour.

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