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"Caring, careful and reassuring approach, explained everything properly beforehand. Delighted with the results"

Randolph Fenton


"I attended the Clinic for my first Botox consultation so I felt a little apprehensive. In the end I realised that there was absolutely no need to be. Yufei immediately put me ease with her friendly and professional manner.
After a thorough consultation I decided to go ahead with the treatment, which was virtually pain free then given the option to re-attend at a later date for a check up"

Rita Jardine


"Yufei is AMAZING!
I am so pleased with my anti wrinkle treatment, she is wonderful at what she does"

Farzan Abedi


"A few months ago I decided to get some fillers. I was nervous as I had never had any injectable treatments before. I knew I wanted someone very qualified and experienced so I could be reassured. She answered all my questions with kindness and professionalism and made me feel at ease. It was definitely a noticeable improvement to me while still being very natural this is very important for me. There was some little swelling for 48 hours afterwards but nothing too noticeable or uncomfortable. I was delighted with the final result and plan to return to have them topped up very soon. I only wish I had done it sooner"

Flo Prince


"I am very happy with my Chin filler experience, the procedure wasn't painful, and I am very happy with the result. Chin fillers are ideal for anyone who wishes to redefine their facial proportions to improve their overall appearance. Anyone who wants a visibly improved side or frontal profile should consider chin dermal fillers. Many people are now doing so across all age and gender groups."

Victor Lau


"I have been using Yufei for two years and always received impeccable service and treatment. She spends a lot of time to understand you and analyse your face, she will not recommend treatments she does not think are needed. I feel safe and relax throughout my procedures. I had fillers and injectables to my face and I’m so happy with the result. Highly recommend it to anyone. You deserve a 5 star!"

Thu Hoang


自从宇飞决定开始在美容美学方面充满激情的事业,客户不断称赞 他们的 微妙而显着的结果。成功 没有营销。仅供参考。

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